Block Management

We Manage Homes and Businesses, not Just Buildings

Today’s apartment blocks and multi-unit developments are increasingly sophisticated and complex. OMC Members demand specialist knowledge, experience, professionalism and systems to ensure that the property and asset management is undertaken in such a way as to maintain and enhance the value of our client’s investment.

It’s About Value and Creating Happy Homes

Our block management services can be tailored to meet the priorities of each OMC and its members. Rest assured we understand the different demands and services a group of owner’s expect. Our comprehensive but transparent approach to block management is centered on identifying and understanding the client needs and providing a professional service with the highest standards of customer service.

Our Specialities


We ensure that all Secretarial work & the obligations as per Companies Act 2014 are completed and submitted on time for all Owner Management Companies.


Book Keeping

We utilise Blockman, which is the most advanced Block Management software in Ireland. Blockman produces all reports to enable Accountant/ Auditor to prepare the annual accounts.


We do not have any affiliations to any suppliers or contractors. This enables us to get you the best quality and best price from them.


Our Operational Strategy

We operate a pro-active and transparent approach to Block Management. This is attained through regular meetings with and reporting to the Board of Directors of the OMC. We ensure that the OMC and the members obtain value for the managing agent fees.

Our Services

  • Company Secretarial services for the OMC
  • Book Keeping & Accounting
  • Managing bank accounts and reconciliations
  • Preparation of the Service Charge and Sinking Fund Budgets
  • Calculation of apportionments and service charges
  • Billing of service charges & collection
  • Credit control
  • Managing soft & hard facility services
  • Organising quotations and pricing from various suppliers/ contractors
  • Routine common area inspections
  • Checking, approval and timely payment of creditors invoices
  • Insurance Management
  • Periodic reporting to committee/ board of directors
  • Ensuring compliance with house rules and other lease provisions
  • Attending Board & Committee meetings
  • Provision of 24-hour, 7 day emergency call out service
  • Liaising with accountants/ auditors

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