Changing Agent

Time for a change - Appointing a new Managing Agent

We would like to introduce our company, Allied Property Management, who have over 20 years of expertise in the management of apartment developments and the provision of services to boards of Directors and members. The purpose of our letter is not to disrupt an existing agreement between an OMC (Owners Management Company) and its appointed agent. However it is not uncommon that an OMC may encounter issues regarding services that their managing agent has not address adequately and therefore may remain unresolved.

Previously, when we engaged with directors who were dissatisfied with the services of their managing agent, many invariably highlighted similar concerns including cost overruns, debt collection issues, poor communication and generally a substandard level of service. A common theme was the belief that replacing the managing agent was simply not possible. All were reassured that change is possible and appropriate were necessary.

Can a dissatisfied OMC consider changing their current managing agent during a contract? The answer is Yes, if they are not receiving value for money or are getting a poor level of service?  As an OMC, the Directors have the ability to appoint an alternative agent to provide an improved and more cost effective service to its members with full transparency and accountability.

Our company, Allied Property Management, can offer assistance in reviewing your options including the notification to the current agent in writing that you no longer wish to be managed by them. It must be noted that there may be a minimum notice period or a default position under any existing management contract. Once any notice period has expired you are free to appoint another agent.

Changing your management agent is a straight forward process and we are vastly experienced in managing the whole transfer process.  Moving forward we will, in unison with the board of Directors.  Implement an organised and innovative approach to property management and will work out the most efficient plan for your development.  .

Thank you for taking the time to consider our letter and if we can be of assistance please contact us on